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Published:Wednesday 04.11.18 | Created by:Jason Thompson

In May this year, new data protection rules known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented across the European Union. The regulation requires all public and private commercial concerns that collect and process personal data of EU residents to take steps for the protection and privacy of data.

The new law is significant with wide-ranging implications for businesses operating in the region. In this article, we will take a look at one particularly important element of consent in relation to the GDPR legislation.



Consent and GDPR Regulation:  What You Need to Know


The new EU data protection law has placed increased focus on providing choice and control to individuals over their personal data.

GDPR regulation will be applicable to all those concerned including charities, non-profit organizations, corporations, and public agencies that gather personal information of individuals residing in the EU region. Since GDPR will be implemented before the UK officially severs ties with the EU, the new law will also be applicable for businesses that serve residents in the country.

If you have a business that serves EU and UK residents, you should understand that you cannot process electronically stored information from a person without his or her permission.

You need to make it easy for people to accept and decline their consent to share personal information collected by your business. You need to create a consent request separate from the terms of conditions. You also need to provide an explicit choice for an opt-in and avoid default consent such as pre-ticked boxes as they will not be considered as genuine consent.


How Can ConsentMAN Keep You on Top of Things?


ConsentMAN is our proprietary software service that can help you manage everything from initial request to final consent or denial from the involved person.

As an example, suppose we have a person named Jason Turner, a German resident, who has to give his consent regarding use of personal data collected by your company.

ConsentMAN will automatically send an email to Jason informing him about the resources from where he can get information about the GDPR rules, and ask him whether he acknowledges or denies the consent request. The decision of the person will be automatically shown on the dashboard. The power lies in managing and storing 100-1000s of requests. Helping manage reminders. People will be able to revoke or deny consent at any time after already given consent.

You will also be able to send requests specific to processing exercises. This satisfies the rule of needing specific consent for each processing of personal data.

All actions performed within ConsentMAN will be recorded and viewable from a chain of custody point of view, thereby delivering the best possible GDPR compliancy. The software will offer full transparency and control of consent to Jason regarding personal data collected by your organization.

In conclusion, with ConsentMAN you do comply with the GDPR guidelines regarding obtaining free and non-compulsive consent from EU residents. For more information about ConsentMAN or a free demo, you can contact us at Our customer friendly and helpful staff will offer you detailed insight into the software.