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Importance of Consent with EU GDPR | Manage it Right

Published:Wednesday 04.11.18 | Created by:Jason Thompson

In May this year, new data protection rules known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented across the European Union. The regulation requires all public and private commercial concerns that collect and process personal data of EU residents to take steps for the protection and privacy of data. The new law is …

The critical importance of a well drafted Legal Hold Notice

Published:Monday 01.15.18 | Created by:Johnny Petersen

    Creating and distributing a legal hold notice can involve a lot of time and cost. Carrying out the legal hold process in full compliance with discovery rules and case laws can be challenging.  Fortunately, people who are responsible for the legal hold process can get a big help with the use of technology. …

The importance of the Chain of Custody for Electronic Evidence

Published:Thursday 12.28.17 | Created by:Jason Thompson

  Establishing chain of custody is important for maintaining the authenticity of the evidence. Without a proper chain of custody record, you risk having the evidence being rejected, and even run into spoliation issues. This often results in losing the legal case, and sometimes receiving hefty fines for violation of the duty to preserve evidence. …